Chinese Restaurant KEI-LIN 2F

Enjoy dishes that showcase the richness and umami of the spicy flavors that are typical of Sichuan cuisine. As well as spicy offerings, Kei-Lin serves numerous Sichuan dishes that offer a colorful variety of flavors. The restaurant is known for its seasonal ingredients, colors, and abundant use of vegetables. An extensive range of wines carefully chosen by our sommelier is also available for you to pair with your meal. Kei-Lin also has several private rooms that cater for parties of anywhere from 6 to 22 guests. These rooms cater for various uses, such as celebratory occasions and working lunches or dinners.

The Chef

Chef Masanori Midorikawa

Came to work at the Hotel Metropolitan in 1985 after working in other hotel restaurants.
He was appointed Head Chef of Hotel Metropolitan Nagano’s Kei-Lin in 1996.
He moved to Hotel Metropolitan’s Kei-Lin in April 1999 and was appointed Head Chef there in 2002.
He delivers the richness and umami of the spicy flavors that are typical of the spices used in Sichuan cuisine, and a rich variety of flavors.


Location 2floor
Opening hours 11:30a.m. ~ 3:00p.m.(L.O.2:30p.m.) 5:30p.m.~9:30p.m. (L.O. 9:00p.m.)
Regular holiday Open All Year Round
Remarks non-smoking