A relaxing morning spent in the restaurant or in your room

In the hours between waking up and your departure, enjoy a delicious hotel-made breakfast.
Room Service, bringing your breakfast to your room.
The buffet at All Day Dining Cross Dine, where you can enjoy a huge variety of Japanese and Western dishes.

Indulge in a luxurious, elegant time.

Breakfast Buffet and set menu(All Day Dining Cross Dine, 1F)

For a Western treat, our chefs will prepare an omelette just for you. Freshly cooked white rice, original-blend miso soup, congee with seven different condiments, dried foods, simmered dishes, and other offerings that are sure to satisfy lovers of Japanese food. Fans of Western and Japanese cuisine alike can enjoy breakfast together.

All Day Dining Cross Dine, 1F


Sit back and relax as you enjoy a hotel-made meal in your own private space. Savor a meal to suit the occasion from the extensive room service menus, with different offerings for different times.


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