Cake & Bakery Shop 1F

Try some of the new seasonal creations from our chefs.
We stock an extensive variety of cakes, including the popular Suica penguin cake and seasonal fruit cakes. We also sell the top selling Nishi Ikebukuro curry bread, and bread baked in the hotel, including our premium Pain De Mie m made from our original wheat blend. You can also browse through our range of gift products, such as baked confectionery.

The Chef

Pastries Chef Hiroshi Sako

After being captivated by the world of desserts at a young age, he knocked on the door of a confectionery artisan 25 years ago and asked to become an apprentice.
He later became a driving force behind hotel dessert buffets, creating an extensive range of desserts, from classic flavors to highly original desserts.
Upholding classic, traditional tastes is not easy.
While holding dear those flavors and techniques that have been conveyed down the years, he also continues to explore new things.

Bakery Chef Yuichi Yoko

Joined Hotel Metropolitan in November 2006 after honing his skills at various other hotels.
He has been Chief Baker since 2012 and holds “The Customer’s Viewpoint” as his motto.
He creates a wide range of easy-to-enjoy breads that you’ll want to eat every day.


Floor First floor
Opening hours 11:00a.m. ~ 8:00p.m. 
Regular holiday Open All Year Round