Cuisine EST 25F

Sophisticated dining that offers authentic Italian cuisine scattered with French techniques.
Stylish interior space designed according to the concept “Art & Rich.”
Stunning views from the windows can be enjoyed at all tables.
Enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the generously spaced tables.
The private dining room, SALA, is perfect for a dinner party for up to 10 guests.
You can watch the kitchen staff working dynamically in the kitchen behind large glass windows.

The Chef

Chef Yoichi Saito

Joined Hotel Metropolitan in 1989. Later, he was involved in work to prepare for the opening of the Hotel Nikko Tokyo and the Tokyo Dome Hotel. At the Tokyo Dome Hotel, he served as the chef for banquets and as the chef of the Artist’s Cafe Italian restaurant.
Joined Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. in 2020. In May 2020, he was appointed Head Chef of Cuisine Est and Dining & Bar Ovest.
His motto is to serve customers with dishes that are always memorable and inspiring, and he places importance on providing service that brims with hospitality and creating a restaurant experience that entices customers to come back.


Floor 25 floor
Remarks ・non-smoking
  • ・Business hours and business details may change suddenly depending on the future situation.