Dining & Bar OVEST 25F

A place for adults to socialize and enjoy a wide array of cocktails and cuisine brimming with originality.
From lunchtime to bar time, this restaurant caters to a range of situations.
At lunch time, enjoy reasonably priced casual Italian dining. For dinner, dine on a set course or select from the diverse à la carte menu, paired with a delicious range of alcoholic beverages.
At bar time, relax and enjoy the live piano playing against a background of night views from a height of 100 meters.

The Chef

Head Chef Takaaki Shimizu

Joined Hotel Metropolitan in 1990. Engaged in restaurant and banquet Western-style cuisine.
In August 2003, with the opening of Hotel Mets Mejiro, he served as Head chef of the attached restaurant "Fiorentina".
Since July 2008, he became Head chef of the Japanese restaurants "Hanamusashi" and "Hanamusashi Shunka", and Chef de Cuisine of Banquet Cuisine and Cold Cuisine since September 2009,
In March 2023, he was appointed Head chef of Cuisine Est and Dining & Bar Ovest.
His motto is to cherish the once-in-a-lifetime situation with his customers, and to provide memorable dishes that are expressed with rich sensibility.


Floor 25 floor
Remarks ・non-smoking
  • ・Business hours and business details may change suddenly depending on the future situation.