All Day Dining CROSS DINE 1F

Buffet-style restaurant boasting authentic cuisine prepared by specialist Japanese, Western, and Chinese chefs and an extensive variety of dishes. Freshly cooked dishes are delivered from the dynamic open kitchen, giving a feel of a live performance.
You can enjoy cake sets and a café menu at teatime.
The restaurant offers a range of seating styles to allow diners to enjoy the comfortable space created by the warmth of wooden fittings and the open design in a way that best suits the occasion.

The Chef

Head Chef Yoichi Saito

Joined Hotel Metropolitan in 1989. Later, he was involved in work to prepare for the opening of the Hotel Nikko Tokyo and the Tokyo Dome Hotel. At the Tokyo Dome Hotel, he served as the chef for banquets and as the chef of the Artist’s Cafe Italian restaurant.
Joined Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. in 2020, and since May of the same year, he has been the head chef of Cuisine "Est" and Dining & Bar "Ovest".
In Mar 2023, he was appointed Head Chef of All Day Dining Cross Dine in Apr 2023.
His motto is to serve customers with dishes that are always memorable and inspiring, and he places importance on providing service that brims with hospitality and creating a restaurant experience that entices customers to come back.


Location First floor
  • ・non-smoking
・Business hours and business details may change suddenly depending on the future situation.