All Day Dining CROSS DINE 1F

Buffet-style restaurant boasting authentic cuisine prepared by specialist Japanese, Western, and Chinese chefs and an extensive variety of dishes. Freshly cooked dishes are delivered from the dynamic open kitchen, giving a feel of a live performance. You can also enjoy cake sets and a café menu at teatime, and bar time at night. This spacious restaurant that seats 260 diners is perfect for celebrations such as farewell and welcome parties and birthdays. Feel free to consult with us regarding your requirements.

The Chef

Chef Tetsu koike

Joined the company in 1986. His work involved restaurants and Western banquets, including Restaurant Mistral and Sky Lounge Apollo.
Later, he was appointed Head Chef of these restaurants and banquets. In 2013, he spent approximately half a year training in France, cultivating his experience at a restaurant in the Alsace region, and at the famous La Pyramide restaurant near Lyon.
He was appointed Head Chef of All Day Dining Cross Dine in May 2020.
His motto is to never say that something is impossible. He also values creating cuisine with the customer’s perspective in mind.


Location First floor
  • ・non-smoking
・Business hours and business details may change suddenly depending on the future situation.